What 5G means for us

The next generation of 5G cellular radio not only promises improved technology for the mobile phone. As a comprehensive end-to-end communication system, it will change entire branches and markets. In addition to faster mobile Internet, the expected areas of application for 5G include automated driving, industry 4.0, Smart Grid and eHealth. The newest generation of mobile communications also has great potential for the media, culture and creative industries. Based on a global standard, 5G offers the possibility of universal networks for communication and hybrid media usage. By seamlessly integrating linear and non-linear offerings, tomorrow’s devices will allow improved interaction with social media and user-generated content, as well as new services for barrier-free media participation. In order to secure Europe’s competitive position, this technology is supported by policymakers through the German government’s 5G Initiative and the European Commission’s 5G Action Plan.

Our goal

On 18 May 2017, the 5G Media Initiative was launched to promote the potential of 5G for the media industry. Through joint research and development, the partners will be linked to exchange knowledge in all areas of media production and usage. Emphasis on the production side is placed on acquisition, smart and remote production, contribution and distribution. On the user side, this should include the above-mentioned areas of application (closer integration of linear and non-linear offerings, interaction and user-generated content as well as additional services for barrier-free media access). Both stationary and mobile use – for example in cars or in public transport – are to be considered. In addition, it is also important to analyse the changing supply targets, network topologies, frequency economy and radio network planning. The 5G Media Initiative differs from other 5G initiatives thanks to its strong media reference, competencies from various fields and its central platform for potential project partners and users.